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The Task

Design a mini-brand and campaign for a (hypothetical) line of canned tequila cocktails by Patron.

Introducing: Bee Stings

Bee Stings is a brand of premium canned cocktails made with a focus on fresh ingredients and maintaining the sophistication and emphasis on quality consistent throughout the Patron brand. The name "Bee Stings" is inspired by the iconic bee logo motif central to Patron's brand identity.

Can design front and back for the five flavors.

The Process

When developing the brand identity for Bee Stings, I wanted to maintain the bee motif from Patron's brand identity and create a pattern that involves the natural ingredients found in the cocktails. I developed this pattern from sketches in my notebook to drawing on Procreate to refining the shapes and edges in Illustrator. Bee Stings is intended for the consumer who appreciates the convenience of a canned seltzer but still wants to enjoy the depth of a craft cocktail. Through type choice, color, and photography, Bee Stings represents summer nights grilling out, a fresh sunburn and a flowy dress to cover it up, and the refreshing feeling of a quality tequila cocktail.

Shapes that make up the Bee Stings Pattern
Instagram feed and post introducing the Jalepeño Marg flavor.
Photo from content shoot and Instagram Story.
New arrivals newsletter email.
*This project is in no way associated with the brand Patron.
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