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The Task

Ideate and conceptualize a contemporary clothing brand complete with brand identity, digital marketing materials, and social media.

Introducing: Fauve Knitwear

I created a (hypothetical) knitwear brand inspired by the Fauvist art movement of the early twentieth century. Fauve Knitwear is a brand focused on unapologetic expression and boldness through bright colors, unique silhouettes, and care-free energy.

Example of image treatment and font choice, also used as an Instagram story.

The Process

I wanted to create a project that incorporated my love for both art history and retail. Fauve is a sophisticated and elegant brand that calls upon the principles of one of my favorite art movements: Fauvism. At their first exhibition during the summer of 1905, Henri Matisse and André Derain showcased their bold new style, breaking away from Impressionism with vivid colors and sweeping brush strokes. The art critic, Louis Vauxcelles, jokingly called them "Fauves" which means wild beasts in French. The artists liked the name and adopted it for their new way of art-making. The unapologetic desire for expression through form is what inspires me most about this movement and what I focused on channeling with this brand identity project. The bright colored knits and French-summer-inspired imagery of Fauve Knitwear imitates the philosophy and way of life that Matisse and Derain emulated in their work.

Spring Lookbook.
Illustrations based on objects in famous Fauvist paintings.
Instagram feed and image from brand launch photoshoot.
Image from brand launch photoshoot and Instagram story.
New arrivals newsletter email.
Mailing box and clothing tag.
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