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The Task

Redesign an album you love that has visuals that don't properly communicate the album's message.

The Album

You and Your Friends is Peach Pit's latest album. It tells the story of neighborhood nostalgia, carefree fun with friends, and gives the listener an overall sense of calm. I chose to redesign the visual system for this album because in a year of constant turmoil, this music helped me relax, find peace in sweet memories, and feel hopeful for a future with many more laughter-filled times to come.

Album cover front and back.

The Process

To create this visual system, I leaned heavily into the feeling of peace and calm I get when I listen to this music. The challenge was to re-imagine the existing identity of the album in a way that better represents the music. The overwhelming sense of nostalgia struck me as the dominating theme, so I focused on film photography and the hazy-glow feeling associated with it. The fish illustrations swimming through a sky of clouds helped me achieve the feeling of a dream.

Fish illustrations based off koi fish in the Kanapaha Botanical Gardens in Gainesville.
Facebook AR Filters so fans can show off the new look.
Instagram promotional post and tour poster.
Spotify desktop and mobile mockups.
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