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The Task:

Create a design system focused on an aspect of food insecurity.

Refined Sugar & Food Insecurity:

Obesity is far more common in adults who are food insecure. This can be explained by lower-cost foods tending to be less nutrient dense and higher in calories. Obesity is a major health concern and can put those diagnosed at greater risk for premature death, coronary heart disease, hypertension, stroke, type 2 diabetes, and certain types of cancer.

"Why You Need to Say 'No!' to Refined Sugar" is a (hypothetical) monthly subscription service including an informational zine, sticker, and referral card for around 10$/month. All proceeds would benefit food banks in Detroit in effort to provide higher quality food.

Gifs of each zine.

The Process

This project was the last of my fall semester in 2020. After a months of online studio classes I was itching to make something with my hands. So, I crafted this project from materials I could get at Michaels (printer paper, vellum, card-stock) and CVS (dental floss, sewing needle, glue) and used my home printer and pop-up light box to make and document physical deliverables. It was important to me to make a tangible product and felt good to use my hands after such a long time settling for mockups.

A little detail from zine 3.
Zine 1: Why You Need To Say "No" To Refined Sugar
Zine 2: Your 7-Day Plan To Say "No!" To Refined Sugar
Zine 3: What is Refined Sugar?
Mailing envelope and subscription pack to go inside. Includes a referral card, sticker-of-the-month, and zine-of-the-month.
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